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Self Portrait Fantasy Genre

This is a depiction of me as a mapmaker in a fantasy world. It’s 6′ by 2.5′.
Pastel, watercolor, watercolor pencils, ink on cold press watercolor paper.


New Age

Colored pencil, water color, ink, rice paper and cold press watercolor paper.
The trees are also lungs. This is a depiction of trees as the lungs of the planet and also represent my lungs. The yellow ball in the upper right hand corner is the moon. Next to it is Mars and Venus. I saw something similar in the sky on March 25th. There are little people coming down from Mars. That represents me journeying through life. I’m tired of talking about this. Next picture…

Goth and Kitsch

Colored pencils, India ink on extremely fancy paper.
Given a set of goth materials, each student assembled the pieces to create a goth masterpiece. This was a fun genre. My drawing is about kitsch as an attitude. I thought a lot about the stereotypical roles men and women play. Vrooom vroom fire up the rock truck. I’m ready to drive!
The placement of objects is no accident.

Octopi on Flag

Ink on bristol board.
There is no intentional political statement here; the flag just happened. This was a perspective study as well as cartoon.

Science Fiction Beets

Charcoal, colored pencils on fancy paper.
I thought beets would make a funny subject matter for a science fiction genre drawing. Science fiction seems so serious and silly, what better vegetable to be the center of attention than the majestic beet?

Steam Punk

This was the second drawing for class. Charcoal, watercolor crayons, gesso, colored pencils on cold press watercolor paper. The dogs in the background have laser guns on their backs.


Tribal Genre
Watercolor crayons, charcoal on watercolor paper.
This drawing is based on a New Guinean carving. It is the first drawing of the semester.